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For laid-back, elegant couples who value faith, REAL emotions, and AUTHENTIC smiles who want iconic wedding photographs that fill you with JOY for years to come.

I'm Alesia...

....and I am a wedding planner and photographer with a team that orchestrates and captures wedding days for couples who value faith and family who want wedding days that they can look back on with joy for years to come. YOU get the option of having me plan or photograph your big day or an associate - all while getting the same great AlesiaKim Experience.

We offer planning, photography, and videography services for weddings.

Have peace of mind knowing even in the whirlwind of the wedding day, AlesiaKim and Co. will be orchestrating and capturing important memories and pure emotions so you can look back on your iconic wedding day with sheer happiness for years to come.

AlesiaKim and Co.

Planning, photography, and Videography

"Alesia is so talented and kind and makes it a point to connect to her clients."

-M. Gunn

Does this sound like you?

Even though we genuinely get excited about EVERY inquiry we receive, it isn't possible for us to orchestrate and capture every wedding we're contacted about,


we generally connect with couples who are:

  • Very happy-go-lucky
  • Value family more than things
  • Obsessed with each other
  • Time and touch are their love languages
  • Value experiences rather than things
  • Super friendly, laid-back, and smiley
  • Wanting their marriages to thrive not just survive
  • In love with classic, bright photos
  • Value faith and God
  • Avid movie watchers
  • Passionate about working for the next goal
  • Gilmour Girls fans
  • Focused on helping others

Having a Destination Wedding?

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"I can’t say enough good things..."

-K. McGovern

Find out more about the AlesiaKim Experience

"The sweetest most professional photographer out there!"

-R. Kliebert


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"Alesia and her team took our photos for our event and they were just wonderful! They had such a great attitude about everything that happened PLUS delivered amazing, candid photographs along with the family formals. We loved our photos! They're on our walls. They're the best!"

-Kayla C.

Already know you want us? Reach out!

You deserve the absolute best for your Baton Rouge wedding. Because of that, I want to make sure we're a good choice for you. I don't accept every wedding I'm contacted about and it's very important for my team and I to work with couples who align with our brand and values so that we can serve you to the best of our ability.

I'd love to hear more about you to see if we're a good fit for each other!

Fill out the contact form below and I'll be in touch ASAP!

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Helpful Resources Planning Your Wedding

My Experience as a Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

Since I've been a part of the Baton Rouge area almost of my life, I know the Louisiana coast like the back of my hand. I love the outskirts of the city because it is home. The food here is second to none and I get to enjoy the cool winters along with LSU football. (I go to the games literally for the concessions. Haha!) Baton Rouge is a wonderful place to be planning your wedding with all that it offers from beautiful oaks and plantations to the Mississippi River levee views - perfect for wedding photography. I love all the venues the city and its outskirts have to offer, but these are some that my team and I absolutely adore!

Best Wedding Venues

in the Baton Rouge Area from a Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

Best Wedding Venues

in the Baton Rouge Area from a Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

Have peace of mind knowing the most important moments at your wedding day won't be missed!

praying over the bride before the wedding from Baton Rouge wedding photographers
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Quick Tips to make your day the best day ever!

Certain things can make your day less stressful even though they are seemingly small. Here's just a few tips to help you enjoy the day and live in the moment!


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AlesiaKim and Co.

I'm Alesia and I have a team of photographers that are intentional about capturing real emotions and genuine smiles for our clients'/friends' weddings in Louisiana.


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Be in the moment. Enjoy your day. Don't look back with regret and wish more unique reactions were captured. Have confidence that the special moments will not be missed.

Be in the moment. Enjoy your day. Don't look back with regret and wish more unique reactions were captured. Have confidence that the special moments will not be missed.

-Elizabeth W.

"Alesia quite honestly has one of the sweetest personalities. She is so bubbly yet professional. She will do whatever she can to make you comfortable which I appreciate as a client. I felt like we became friends just after meeting once!! Don't wait! Book my Alesia!!"

I'm Alesia, your Baton Rouge Wedding Photographers Team Manager

It started for me when I saw I could see true joy on a bride's face with seeing their raw, real emotions captured on their wedding day. That's why I created the AlesiaKim and Co. Team so laid-back, elegant couples could have their wedding memories orchestrated with precision and preserved forever for their grandchildren.

Get to know me more here!

Baton Rouge wedding photographer with family father, mother, and son
-Larissa K.

"Would 10 out of 10 recommend Alesia as your wedding photographer. She is so easy to work with and such a sweet person. We loved every single picture we received from her."

AlesiaKim and Co.

Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer Team

"Your girl was so super sweet and I was so glad to have her photograph my wedding. She helped so much with posing and made us super comfortable even though there were some sticky relationships with my family. I was so thankful she was there." This is what one of my brides said to me about one of my wonderful associates. In that moment, I was so thankful that I was able to serve, with confidence, two different brides on the same day and yet still deliver the same product and AlesiaKim Experience.

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