Houma's House

There are so many wedding venues to choose from in the Southeast Louisiana area. Which ones should you take the time to tour? That's why this blog post highlights one of my personal favorites as a planner and photographer team manager in the Baton Rouge area.

houma's house walkway
fountain at houma's house

The Grounds

The Houma's House grounds are nothing short of romantic and whimsical. There are huge, wispy, oak trees with classic Louisiana moss. It feels as though you are stepping into another time. Built as a plantation home back in 1829, the mansion has details that only an old home can offer. Fresh flowers are abundant and beautiful plant art can be seen throughout your walk through the property. The mansion is situated across from the levee so beautiful photo opportunities are available on the property or on the levee. (There's a bridge that connects the two and a go-cart can be used for transportation.)

pink hydrangea at Houmas house
greenery and a large oak with a walkway at Houmas house
greenery at Houmas house
lion fountain at Houmas house
large fountain at Houmas house in Darrow, la

Getting Ready

For getting ready, Houma's House has multiple options. There's a classic getting ready cottage that the girls normally use on the edge of the property. It's furnished with antique furniture and has a well-lit getting ready area. As for the guys, there are cabins to get ready in for them and any out of town guests as well! Everything is within walking distance and Houma's House themselves have manned go-carts to bring you or your guests/friends/family from one side of the property to the other. The "Turtle Bar" is where the guys normally hang out where drinks are available.

getting ready for the girls at Houmas house
The Turtle Bar at Houma's House in Darrow, Louisiana


The ceremony is generally held in front of the main house. The view is breathtaking and a large bell can be rung beforehand to announce the bride's entrance. It's a grand sight for sure!

wedding ceremony at houma's house in Darrow, LA


As for the reception, there are different options. There's the possibility of a sit-down meal in the dining room attached to the "Turtle Bar" or a reception in one of the classic ballrooms on site. Cocktail hour is normally served by the large fountain in the middle of the property. There are so many great options!

sit-down dinner at houma's house
sit-down dinner at houma's house

Pros and Cons

There are so many "pros" to Houma's House but this wouldn't be an accurate post if it didn't expose some "cons" as well (in my mind anyway.)


Gorgeous venue

Cocktail hour

Getting Ready Accommodations

Places for guests to stay

Photo opportunities by the levee

Multiple Ballrooms

Minimal decor is needed

Sit-down dinner option

Lots of space

Romantic feel

Large Capacity

Appetizing Food



Outside only - It *can* be moved inside, but it's not nearly as pretty.

The property is so large that it can be a hassle to get from one side to the other.

*Go-carts are provided for going from one place to another.*

People are constantly roaming and tours are going on even during weddings but people generally stay away from the crowds that "belong together."

Guests can get lost if they don't follow directions.

Houma's House Review

Overall, Houma's House Estate and Gardens is an amazing venue to get married at. It is one of the most romantic places I have ever been to and the place is just gorgeous! Don't miss out on having your wedding at such an iconic, historic place.