Looking to find all of your essentials, get them ordered, and have them next week? That's why we're so excited about this list! No need to take the time to scour the internet for every little thing for your wedding. Here, we've put together a list of great amazon finds for your wedding so you can get it in no time and without all the hassle of searching.

1) Planner

If you're anything like me, planning on paper is essential. As much as I love technology, there's something about being able to write some things down. This planner is my favorite and will definitely be beneficial to help keep everything in order as you plan your best day ever!

You can find it HERE!

2) Garter

The garter toss is such a fun traditional addition to your day. This set comes with the one you can throw and with the one you would keep as a keepsake. You can find it HERE!

3) Wedding Dress Bag

The wedding dress bag is essential. It will keep your dress protected and clean for transport. This is an absolute must! You can find it HERE!

4) Personalized Wedding Sign

These are so fun to have as a keepsake after the wedding plus they're beautiful, too! There's lots of options to choose from, too! You can find it HERE!

5) Easel

Something that is so easily forgotten is how you are going to display your personalized sign. These come in several different colors to match perfectly. Amazon has beautiful easels that can add elegance to your wedding. You can find it HERE!

6) Reserved Seating Signs

There is reserved seating usually at every wedding, but you can display that with simplicity and elegance with these signs. You can find them HERE!

7) Exit Favors

Some venues allow sparklers, rose petals, optic wand glow sticks, rice (bags-rice not included), bird seed (bags- bird seed not included), streamers, or confetti, but some only allow bubbles. You can find some cute bubble favors HERE!

8) Wedding Card Box

Need a cute way to display where the gifts are placed? This lovely card box is just the thing! Find it HERE!

9) Guestbook Pen

I almost forgot this at my own wedding. I didn't want to throw a "bic" pen out there for people to sign my guestbook. Here's one that just adds nothing but beauty to your wedding day and you can keep it as a keepsake! Find it here!

10) Cake Knife Set

This cake knife set adds something personal and simple yet beautiful to your cake table. You can find it HERE!

11) Toasting Flutes

Toasting flutes are a must and whether you want them personalized or not, they add a beautiful touch. You can find some HERE!

12) Wedding Favors

Add these laser engraved wooden coasters to all the tables or on a table for your wedding guests. Every time they see it on their side table, they can think of you and pray for you.

You can find them HERE!

13) Bridal Party Robes

This is a staple in 2022 and your girls will love them! The chunky lace on the sleeves and ends add that extra touch of elegance. Find them HERE!

14) Personalized "Something Blue" Handkerchief

Everyone needs "something blue" and needs a handkerchief for tears. With this, you can have both! Get one with your name and date for yourself to stuff in your bouquet or buy a personalized one for dad. You can find one HERE!

15) Wedding Veil/Hair Accessories

There are so many gorgeous veils out there. I just love soft tulle personally and love that extra purity it brings to your wedding gown. If I were planning my own wedding again, I think this is the one I would go with. Isn't it gorgeous! You can find it HERE!

That's a wrap!

Those are all my favorite items that you might have missed but can easily be shipped to you. Happy Planning!!!

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