Roger and Yajaira Leon

My husband was friends with Roger when I met him about three years ago. At the time, he wasn't dating. We called him "Bubba" as did everyone else did. One day, I saw him with a sweet, cute girl that I didn't know. As I went up to introduce myself, I noticed she had a sweet smile and reserved personality. (opposite of Bubba! ;) We talked, she explained to me how to pronounce her name (haha), and she told me all about her wedding plans and how Bubba and her had come to know each other. I couldn't wait for her wedding already!

Bride and Groom in Albany, Louisiana
bride and groom first look

Later on, she contacted me about a mini session I was doing at a Christmas Tree Farm in Covington, LA. These would somewhat be a short engagement session. Yajaira came prepared as always! If you know anything about Yajaira, she is not a procrastinator. We had a great time and were able to get some great shots of the two of them!

Months later, Yajaira reached out again about their wedding photos.

They wanted a wedding session and trusted me again to do them! I was ecstatic! Because of COVID, we weren't able to do a full wedding session and they decided to have a small ceremony with immediate family. I'm so glad they were able to! A few months ago, Yajaira contacted me about taking photos of them in her wedding dress since they weren't able to get those kinds of photos the day of.

"Of course!" was my exact reply.

Penny, at Cedar Post Barn in Albany, Louisiana, where the wedding was originally scheduled to be, so kindly allowed us to take photos at the venue. Thank you, Penny!


Yajaira is always so prepared as I said earlier. She loves to get dressed up and does a wonderful job doing it, too! Yajaira is literally always sweet and has a smile that makes others want to smile, too. I am so glad I have become friends with quiet, kind Yajaira!


Bubba is just like what his name implies. He loves to have fun and is always up for a joke whether he is telling it or someone else. He loves to laugh and never meets a stranger. He's so easy to talk to and is willing to help whenever needed. I'm so happy Bubba and Yajaira found each other!

Wedding Session Bride Groom under veil in Albany Louisiana

Bubba and Yajaira are a precious couple and we're so excited for them to be on the journey of marriage together!