Hello! I'm Alesia!

Certainly, I could share my personal journey, from my initial career as a high school math teacher for three years, to the whirlwind romance that culminated in marriage after just 10 months of dating.

It was during my college years that I discovered my passion for photography and wedding planning, and I've never looked back since.


This is all about YOU!

It's your unique path towards realizing the wedding day of your dreams!

And that's precisely where our team steps in.

How many times have you reached out to wedding vendors, engaged in extensive discussions, only to find out that you weren't even on the same page when it came to price? It can be incredibly frustrating, can't it?

We approach things differently.

We provide clear, upfront starting pricing for a shorter wedding day (6 hours) right on our home page, ensuring that you're never left in the dark or guessing.

At AlesiaKim and Co., we prioritize establishing our "relationship" with you based on honesty, transparency, and open communication. This commitment to these principles is a fundamental aspect of our values right from the very beginning!

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My Story

Albert and I first crossed paths when we were around three years old, although neither of us retains any clear memories of those early encounters. Thankfully!

Our home is a sanctuary of boundless joy, unwavering love, the delightful symphony of baby giggles, and a sense of emotional security. We find ourselves sharing laughter, whether it's with each other or at each other, practically every day. Our conversations span the spectrum of topics, and we hold nothing back from one another. Despite our stark differences in personality—my buoyant and talkative nature contrasts Albert's quiet and reserved demeanor—we share a profound connection. He's my country boy, and our little boy, Luke, who's almost 2 years old, appears to have inherited Albert's laid-back disposition. We absolutely adore him!

Our mutual love for spending time with friends and family over a hearty meal, while delving into discussions about life and fresh ideas, is something we treasure. 

Our journey is about learning to love each other as Christ loves us, and we relish nearly every moment of it. Albert is one of those remarkable individuals who refuses to let us go to bed angry. If I walk away, he follows, patiently waiting until we can resolve any issues through conversation. His unwavering patience continues to astonish me; he's truly more than I deserve.

Our lives revolve around our faith in Jesus Christ. We view every action and decision through the lens of the Bible. Our ultimate goal is for every person we encounter to experience His love through us and embrace Him as their Savior. This, in turn, empowers them to live for Him and share His message of sacrifice and boundless love with others.

AlesiaKim with her husband Albert

More information about the AlesiaKim Team

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AlesiaKim and Co. Beginnings

My journey in photography began with family portraits, small sessions, and occasional small weddings shortly after my college graduation. It all started after I took a photography class in college, and it quickly became a passion. Three years later, it was clear that weddings were my calling. I eagerly photographed weddings whenever I had the chance, even as a second photographer.

As time went on, my clients frequently inquired about videography, recognizing the synergy between photography and videography. This planted a seed for a new dream. I wanted to serve as many brides as possible, but I also felt a higher calling – to be a wife and a mother.

Through time and with the guidance of mentors and coaches, AlesiaKim Photography transformed into AlesiaKim and Co. I discovered a natural inclination and talent for wedding planning. It was evident that God had led me to expand and create an associate team, offering planning, photography, and videography services for brides and grooms. This allowed us to work together seamlessly to orchestrate their dream wedding day. God's plan revealed itself in many ways through my photography journey, but it took the perspective of a trusted consultant to help me recognize that this was my true passion and calling.

Now, we can offer all these services to our brides, ensuring their day runs smoothly with minimal stress, capturing authentic moments in their photos, and creating both photos and videos that will fill their hearts with joy for years to come.

Owner of AlesiaKim and Co.

AlesiaKim and Co. is a dedicated wedding planning, photography, and videography team serving Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. We're a group of seasoned wedding professionals committed to minimizing stress and capturing genuine emotions and authentic smiles for our clients, who soon become our friends. Our mission is to enable our clients to relive the emotions of their special day for years to come.

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Intentional Posing

Authentic Emotions

Real Artistry

Intentional Posing

Authentic Emotions

Real Artistry

"Alesia quite honestly has one of the sweetest personalities. She is so bubbly yet professional. She will do whatever she can to make you comfortable which I appreciate as a client. I felt like we became friends just after meeting once!! Don't wait!"

-Elizabeth W.

The AlesiaKim Process

#1 Listen

At AlesiaKim and Co, your desires and needs are paramount to what we value. We take the time to understand these needs, ensuring they are purposefully incorporated into our planning and captured prior to your wedding day. The often-overlooked moments, special loved ones, authentic smiles, distinct personalities, and fleeting memories are all meticulously orchestrated and immortalized, allowing you to sit back, relax, and truly savor each moment.

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My Top 7 Favorite Things

Favorite Show

I absolutely love "Gilmore Girls" and can binge watch it at any moment even though I've watched all the seasons... I won't admit how many times. ;)

Favorite Person

My sweet husband! His name is Albert and he's just incredible! We will be celebrating 5 years of marriage soon!

Favorite Movie

I LOVE "You've Got Mail!" I watched it on repeat when I was sick one time which was 7 times in one day. Just me?? Alright. hehe!

"I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing, has its charms."
"Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?"

Favorite Animal

I have a little shihtzu dog named Roscoe and he's precious! He can sit, lay down, pray, and everything! He does all the doggie things. :)

Favorite Food

This definitely shows how much of a Louisiana girl that I am but my favorite food is boiled crabs! Mmm! Can we meet to get to know each other over crabs instead of coffee? ;)

Favorite Snack

Snickers Ice Cream Bars! I don't know if that even counts as a snack but if you haven't tried them, get in your car now and go to your local "Dollar General" (cause doesn't everyone have one of those somewhere nearby?) and get yourself one! You'll thank me later!

Favorite Restaurant

Definitely Texas de Brazil or some type of Brazilian steakhouse. My mouth is watering already thinking of the "top sirloin!" So yummy!