Hi! I am Alesia!

Ok. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I could tell you all about how I was a high school math teacher for three years and then got married to my husband after 10 months of dating. How I got started in photography in college and dipped my foot in wedding photography and wedding planning and never looked back would be a big part of the story and all.


This is about YOU!

It's about your journey to having the wedding day of your dreams!

That's where we come in!

How many wedding vendors have you reached out to, got in touch with them, had a back-and-forth conversation, only to realize they were totally out of your budget?

It's so frustrating right?

We do things differently.

Often when I personally look for something online, I want a direct answer. I'm not going to scroll for an hour only to realize I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Don't get me wrong!

I'll pay the premium price for the quality or expertise for sure, but I want to know about it upfront to see if we're even on the same page. I hate looking online through a bunch of cute headbands thinking they're about $50-75 each (a lower end premium price in my opinion that I would pay for one I really loved) and then finding out they're $250+ each.

I feel this! That's why at AlesiaKim and Co, our starting prices are stated right on the first page so we start our "relationship" with honesty and transparency! It's super important to us from the very start! These are part of our values!

alesiakim photographer holding a canon camera

Our Stories

Albert and I met when we were about three years old which thankfully, neither one of us really remember. ha!

Our home is filled with pure happiness, unending love, baby squeals, and emotional safety. We laugh with or at each other probably every day. We can talk to each other about anything and everything. Albert and I are totally opposite personalities, but we have SO much in common. I am bubbly and talkative while he is quiet and reserved. He's my country boy. :) Our little boy, Luke, seems to have Albert's laid-back personality. (He's almost 2 years old, and we just adore him!) We both love spending time with friends and family over a yummy meal and talking about life and new ideas!

We're still learning to love each other as Christ loves us, but we enjoy just about every minute of it. Albert is one of those people that won't let us go to bed angry and if I walk away, he follows me and patiently waits until we work to talk it out. He's ALWAYS patient with me. It blows my mind! He's more than I deserve.

Our lives are centered around Jesus Christ. Everything we do and every decision we make is through the lens of the Bible. We want every person we come in contact with to feel His love through us and come to accept Him as their Saviour so they can live for Him and tell others about His sacrifice and pure love.

AlesiaKim with her husband Albert

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AlesiaKim Photography's Family - Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

How AlesiaKim and Co. came about

I started photographing families and small sessions along with small weddings here and there when I graduated from college after I had taken a photography class in college. Fast forward 3 years and I realized weddings were my jam! I would photograph a wedding anytime I could even if I was the second photographer.

Over time, my clients would always ask if I offered videography as well since photography and videography go hand-in-hand. A dream was just beginning. I wanted to serve as many brides as possible but I had a greater calling - to be a wife and a mom.

In time and through lots of coaching, AlesiaKim Photography became AlesiaKim and Co. when I realized I had a natural desire and knack for planning. God led me to grow an associate team to be able to offer planning, photography, and videography for brides and grooms on their wedding day so that a team could be there for a bride and groom to all be working together to orchestrate their dream day! His plan showed itself so many times through photography but it took a consultant to truly see that it was my passion and calling!

Now, we are able to offer all of these services to our brides and make sure their day runs smoothly with minimal stress, have those real moments are captured in their photos, and have photos and videos to look back on with joy for years to come.

Alesia the owner of Alesia Kim and co

AlesiaKim and Co. is a Baton Rouge and surrounding areas wedding planner, photographer, and videographer team comprised of experienced wedding professionals that are intentional about creating minimal stress and capturing real, authentic emotions and genuine smiles for our clients/friends so that the emotions of the day can be experienced all over again for years to come.

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You deserve the absolute best. Because of that, we want to make sure we're a good choice for you. We don't book every wedding we're contacted about and it's very important for us to work with couples who align with our brand and values. You can also check out my how much to invest in your wedding photography.

We'd love to hear more about you!

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Our Associates begin at $3,100

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Intentional Posing

Authentic Emotions

Real Artistry

Intentional Posing

Authentic Emotions

Real Artistry

"Alesia quite honestly has one of the sweetest personalities. She is so bubbly yet professional. She will do whatever she can to make you comfortable which I appreciate as a client. I felt like we became friends just after meeting once!! Don't wait! Book my Alesia!!"

—Elizabeth W.

The AlesiaKim Process

#1 Listen

We want your wants and needs to be heard so that is part of our values. We learn what those needs are so that they are intentionally captured and planned prior to the wedding day. Those unnoticed moments, genuine smiles, unique personalities, and normally forgotten memories will be orchestrated and captured forever for you so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

Do you want boring, easily forgettable photographers or photographs?

I didn't either. Let's talk!

Engaged couple kisses
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AlesiaKim and Co.

AlesiaKim Photography is a Baton Rouge team comprised of the head photographer along with associate and second photographers that are intentional about capturing real authentic emotions and smiles for our clients/friends.


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My Top 7 Favorite Things

Favorite Show

I absolutely love "Gilmore Girls" and can binge watch it at any moment even though I've watched all the seasons... I won't admit how many times. ;)

Favorite Person

My sweet husband! His name is Albert and he's just incredible! We will be celebrating 5 years of marriage soon!

Favorite Movie

I LOVE "You've Got Mail!" I watched it on repeat when I was sick one time which was 7 times in one day. Just me?? Alright. hehe!

"I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing, has its charms."
"Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?"

Favorite Animal

I have a little shihtzu dog named Roscoe and he's precious! He can sit, lay down, pray, and everything! He does all the doggie things. :)

Favorite Food

This definitely shows how much of a Louisiana girl that I am but my favorite food is boiled crabs! Mmm! Can we meet to get to know each other over crabs instead of coffee? ;)

Favorite Snack

Snickers Ice Cream Bars! I don't know if that even counts as a snack but if you haven't tried them, get in your car now and go to your local "Dollar General" (cause doesn't everyone have one of those somewhere nearby?) and get yourself one! You'll thank me later!

Favorite Restaurant

Definitely Texas de Brazil or some type of Brazilian steakhouse. My mouth is watering already thinking of the "top sirloin!" So yummy!