Mr. & Mrs. BrYce ReED

Sunny Meade Wedding and Event Facility - Scott, Louisiana

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Bryce and Kaylee share an engaging and enjoyable relationship with those around them. Upon our initial conversation with Kaylee, it became evident that their wedding held significant appeal to us! They were just the perfect couple to welcome into our #akfamily. They started dating when they were fifteen and have been together for six years now. While Kaylee exhibits a more reserved demeanor, she accurately described Bryce's humorous nature, a characterization we found to be accurate during our interaction in the consultation. During that, Bryce and Kaylee proved to be delightful individuals with whom we quickly established a strong rapport. They were so fun!

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The ceremony

The ceremony exuded heartfelt emotion as friends and family assembled to witness Kaylee's graceful procession down the aisle. Bryce, visibly moved, was overcome with tears upon seeing his soon-to-be wife. This moment, teeming with significance and love, was one that was destined to be remembered.

bride and groom kiss at Sunny Meade
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom dip and kiss
bride and groom kiss

Their day was just flawless! Despite the slight chill in the air, their enthusiasm remained undimmed. When the AlesiaKim and Co. team stepped into the bridal suite, Kaylee was already prepped with her hair and makeup done, looking absolutely radiant! Her bridesmaids were right there with her, sharing in the excitement and laughter. Everyone, from family to friends, was genuinely excited to be part of Bryce and Kaylee's big day.

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They didn't want a first look so we navigated making sure Kaylee was out of sight of Bryce and vice versa. The tension and excitement was building! Almost everyone walked in with a smile on their face excited for Bryce and Kaylee and their union.

bride walking down the aisle
bride and groom laugh during ceremony

The reception was a blast! Bryce and Kaylee danced with friends and family, carefree and joyous. The essence of the day was that they were now Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Reed. Everything was perfect! The day was a success.

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bride and groom at sunny meade wedding venue
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Dear Bryce and Kaylee,

Thank you so much for allowing AlesiaKim and Co. to be part of your wedding day in such a huge way! We loved being able to capture the photos but also the movement in the video from your wedding day! Your wedding was so fun and perfectly curated to you two. We wish you both all the love and happiness and can't wait to see where God leads in your lives.


Alesia and the AlesiaKim Team <3


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Venue- Sunny Meade Wedding and Event Facility

Photographer - AlesiaKim and Co. - Lafayette Wedding Photographers

Associate - Bailey S.

Videography - AlesiaKim and Co. - Baton Rouge Videographer

Associate - Josh H.

Officiant - Blayne Muse

Bridal Gown - Milena's Bridal

Groom and Groomsmen Tuxedos - Squire's

DJ - Powered Productions

Cake - Clea Doucet

Coordinator - Sunny Meade

Behind the scenes with the alesiakim and co. Team

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