TMike and Rebecca

When I first met TMike and Rebecca, they were such a fun couple! I could tell TMike LOVED to joke and Rebecca loved to laugh alongside him so I couldn't wait to see them again at their engagement session.

Choosing their Perfect Location

Rebecca contacted me before the photos and we worked on a place to take the photos. Since TMike and his family own and operate Kliebert and Sons Gator Tours in Ponchatoula, LA, Rebecca thought it was fitting to take the photos at a more country, swampy type of place and she was definitely right! Fountainbleu State Park in Covington, LA was the perfect place for them!

Kliebert and Sons Gator Tours Family in Covington, LA

Taking Photos

When they showed up, Rebecca stepped out in this adorable off-white, tea-length dress. She looked SO cute with her little boots that she had matched with it! TMike was looking dapper in his nice polo and khakis. Their kids were in the back of the vehicle and they played and had fun the whole time while TMike and Rebecca took pictures so before we left, we were able to snap a few of them as a family, too! :) What a beautiful family they are!

Their wedding!

I am absolutely STOKED for their November wedding! It's going to be a blast! Rebecca's sweet, quiet personality paired with TMike and his outgoing, fun self is going to be AMAZING! Thank y'all for choosing me to be your photographer! I can't wait!

Engaged Couple in Covington, LA Fountainbleu State Park
Engaged Couple in Covington, LA Fountainbleu State Park

photographer with Engaged Couple in Covington, LA Fountainbleu State Park

I just LOVE my AlesiaKim couples!!! <3