Identifying an exceptional wedding vendor isn't always easy...

Similar as with anything you purchase, there's a good, better and best version.

Think purses: Temu/Shein vs Louis Vuitton?

We make sure you find the LV of wedding professionals.

We've outlined four categories that distinguish planners and photographers into good, better, and best.

Find the FAQs at the bottom for additional guidance!

Whether you choose an associate or Alesia herself, you still get the amazing AlesiaKim Experience!

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Associates starting at $3,300

Alesia starting at $5,900

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Paired with photography

Starting at $2,500


Day-of Coordinator

Starting at $1,800


What equipment do you use for photography?

Alesia and most of our associates use a Canon R6 which has dual card slots to ensure your photos are safe even in case of card corruption the night of your wedding. We use multiple different lenses and flashes that we bring with us to create consistency in our photos. Those flashes can be a life saver in a dark venue!

How much do you charge to photograph a wedding?

We're proud to be one of the top wedding photographers in the area, giving the absolute best in photography, client experience, and product quality. Photography collections alone begin at $3,300, with an average initial investment of around $5,000 for an associate team (photo only) and $7,000 for Alesia personally.

When will we receive our photos if we book a photographer?

We send out a scheduler for your Reveal Celebration (an appointment where you see your photos for the first time at our studio to finalize your album and purchase any upgrades) within 8-12 weeks of your wedding. Within 48 hours of your Reveal Celebration, your full gallery is delivered to your inbox.

We love Alesia but will we love your associates?

YES! Our associates are hand-picked by Alesia herself and have expertise based off of their own experience in weddings. They love wedding days and are trained/qualified by Alesia herself. You can expect the same quality of work and type of friendliness and professionalism you’d expect from Alesia personally.

Do you edit and deliver every image?

Your images will be edited for consistency, color, and exposure based on past photographs. Basic retouching is available for photos that are purchased in your album or wall art.

On average, we deliver at least 50-100 cumulative edited images per hour. If you're wedding is 8 hours, you will receive anywhere from at 400 to 800 images. We do photograph more than that during the wedding day but we do you the favor of culling out the blinks, duplicates, test shots, and other photos like those.

Do you charge for travel on a wedding day?

We realize every wedding day is unique so we don't charge for multiple locations although the hours agreed upon beforehand include travel time as well. If your wedding is more than 75 miles outside of Walker, Louisiana, travel fees may apply but they are determined on a case-by-case basis considering location. We have experience in destination weddings as well and love to be part of those wedding days.

Do you plan everything for a wedding?

We do! Our full wedding collection allows us to do as much as you don't want to do. We can pick out venues based on dreams and price points, choose vendors, and all the things. This service starts at $6,900.

If we want to book all three services, what is due to book?

To make things easier on everyone, it doesn't matter what you purchase, a $1,000 non-refundable retainer is due that goes toward your total balance. For example, if you want photo and video, it's $1,000 to book. If you want just planning, it's still $1,000. No one wants to do math while planning a wedding!

How do the payment plans work?

We know not everyone can pay $7k-$10k at one time so we create payment plans based on how far out your wedding is. If your wedding is 16 months away, we split the total amount by 15 so that once you pay the retainer, you have 15 equal payments to make sure your balance is paid off before the wedding day so you can enjoy the day without worrying about finances.

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Still have more questions?

We'd love to chat with you!

"There were so many moments I had forgotten about or didn’t realize they had captured it until I saw my photos and I was AMAZED!!"

-Abby G.

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Does this resonate with you?

While every inquiry fills us with genuine excitement, we regrettably cannot accommodate every wedding request. However, we typically align with couples who embody these qualities:

  • Exuberantly happy
  • Prioritize family over material possessions
  • Infatuated with each other
  • Committed to thriving marriages, not merely surviving
  • Enamored by timeless, vibrant photography
  • Hold faith and God in high regard



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