You might find that they check off two of your five checkboxes but you could still end up with a bad experience overall. When choosing your vendors, please do your research and meet with them even if it's just over facetime first. Did you know some brides don't get their wedding photos until six months to a year from their wedding date or wait a year or two to get their wedding album? Even worse, we know a bride that never received her wedding photos.

We have reliable vendors and go-to people to ensure a consistent and wonderful experience for our couples. We've built a trusted network of professionals that contribute significantly to the success of events and projects. If you're considering event planning, coordination, photography, or videography, rest assured that we are committed to ensuring your wedding experience with us is exceptional!

Here is how you can make sure that doesn't happen to you as far as photography:

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I. Ask about the timeline for receiving your photos.

How long will it be before we see our photos? Don't get caught with someone that says they deliver in 4 weeks then you're still waiting and wondering at 6 weeks. Ask if they've ever missed the deadline. Be curious. A good, experienced photographer can answer those questions.

II. Find out how long it will take to get the album.

Albums aren't a quick process even for companies that deliver on their promises. Some photographers make you choose all the photos in your album which leads to lots of time spent designing and matching different pages on your album. Ask what the process is. When we design an album, we choose the best photos possible so the couple can come in for their Reveal Celebration and easily swap out a few photos here and there without having to cause unnecessary stress. We go over it in real-time so it's completed and ready to go into processing within 72 hours of your Reveal Celebration. Once full payment is made, our couples receive their albums in their hands within 8-10 weeks.

III. discover how many people will be working on your experience.

Many photographers, in excitement to be a part of a wedding day, overbook themselves and overpromise what they don't even realize they can't deliver. They'll deliver sub-par products or images so that they can move on to the next task. An experienced photographer (especially one with other people on staff) only accepts less than 30 weddings per year so that they can be confident that they're running an efficient business and can deliver your products on time and with the best quality.

III. Personality matters and you need to be able to get along well.

Many times, photographers and planners are booked out a year or two in advance. That means there will be a lot of back-and-forth with them. Other than your planner, your photographer is the only vendor that you'll have the most contact with before, during, and after your wedding. Therefore, make sure they are knowledgeable, assertive but kind at times (especially for family photos,) but happy and approachable.

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Here is how you can make sure that doesn't happen to you as far as planning/day-of coordinator:

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I. Ask about how the wedding day flows with them.

Planners that are established, know a general idea of what to expect on a wedding day. They generally work closely with the couple to create a detailed timeline for the wedding day. On the day itself, they are there to oversee the setup, coordinate with vendors, and ensure everything runs smoothly according to the plan. The goal is to handle the logistics, allowing the couple to fully enjoy their special day without any stress. They're generally present from the beginning to the end, making adjustments as needed and ensuring a seamless flow of events. We have established these processes to ensure that your wedding day becomes a joyous memory you can cherish for years to come.

II. Discover if they have good past reviews and testimonials.

Exploring references, whether on platforms like Google Reviews or wedding websites, enables the bride to gain insights from actual experiences shared by previous clients. This approach aids in assessing the planner's track record and the satisfaction levels of couples they've collaborated with. With numerous positive reviews ourselves, it's apparent that we are dedicated to making your day a dream come true.

III. Determine how many planners/assistants will be at your wedding and how unexpected events are handled.

One person can only handle a limited amount of things. Some brides have a bad experience with their planners simply because their planner was overwhelmed. Experienced planners know how to stay calm on the wedding day, all while managing the guests and bridal party with ease. Managing numerous tasks on a wedding day, especially at a large venue, can be extremely demanding. To alleviate this, our planners have dedicated assistants on the day to ensure all tasks are completed promptly, minimizing stress for our lead planners and in turn, minimizing stress for you.

III. Understand what services are included.

Comprehending the extent of services included in the planner's package guarantees a transparent process, minimizing the chance of unexpected issues and ensuring thorough coverage of essential aspects in wedding planning. Effective communication is pivotal, and ensuring clarity about expectations is fundamental for a positive experience. This is why we maintain an open line of communication with our brides, create timelines, conduct pre-wedding meetings, even if it's over FaceTime, to gather the necessary details and facilitate the realization of your dream day.