catholic ceremony
Have you ever planned and/or photographed a wedding like mine?

The real question should be, "Are you experienced enough to handle basically any situation?" Just like a talented guitarist can play in a grand ballroom and also at the subway station, an experienced photographer or planner can make decisions quickly. Having experience in that specific kind of wedding is the cherry on the cake. (religious, catholic, outdoor, backyard, etc.)

mom hugs son on wedding day
Do you orchestrate family photos?

While we love help from the day-of coordinator, it's the photographer's job to get the photos that are important to you so if you hire us for photography, we will discuss them before the wedding. You are emailed a "shot list" checklist as to make the process easier and less stressful for you and they are added to the bottom of your timeline that you get to approve.

bride and groom kiss
Do you have specific people you normally work with?

You want your vendors to be in-sync on your day as to work together to create better moments for those lifetime memories as well as not getting in each other's way. Our team works the best together since we have the process down, but we have worked with many vendors and always enjoy meeting new people.