Considering this aspect is crucial, as it stands as the primary determining factor.

What you should be looking for...

• Does the photographer have good, quality images (not too dark, too light, brown, orange, lacking a timeless look, etc)? 

• Do you experience an emotional connection when viewing the images? If you can connect emotionally with couples you're not acquainted with, consider how much you'll cherish your own photos.

• Does the photographer align with the style you're seeking? (soft and dreamy, loud and wild, eccentric and sexy, etc)? 

• Do all the photographer's weddings have that similar style that you're looking for? Consistency is so important so you know the quality and style you'll be investing in.

 • Do you notice wrinkles, blemishes, unattractive angles, awkward poses or distracting backgrounds in the pictures? (Some things can't be changed in the moment but if there's more photos with distractions than without, there's your sign.)

*Looking at full wedding albums can show you many of these things from the beginning to the end of the day. Check out ours here!

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