Mr. & Mrs. Hershberger

Fundamental Baptist Church in Livingston, Louisiana

Step into the enchanting day everyone had all been eagerly awaiting. Despite the calendar proclaiming October, the atmosphere was infiltrated with a warm breeze. Faith effortlessly adorned herself while Uria relished in the camaraderie of his friends and family. This day was the culmination of their dreams.

bride and bridesmaids (twin girls) fix each other's hair
groom hugs groomsmen

Amidst the pre-ceremony moments, Faith took a serene pause to savor the significance of the impending union. Since Faith has a large family, we spent time making sure we got photos with everyone. With family and friends by their side, Uria and Faith basked in the excitement. Individually, they warmly welcomed both familiar faces and new connections.

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bride and her twin wedding in Livingston, LA
bride with sisters

As the ceremony unfolded, Uria and Faith stood poised. Uria shed a few tears truly in awe and genuine excitement that he was marrying the woman he loves. Their vows, a poignant exchange, echoed gratitude for the divine orchestrations that led them to this sacred moment. In a heartfelt gesture, Faith sang to Uria, leaving the audience in tears of joy. With their vows exchanged, they were officially declared husband and wife.

bride and groom exchange vows at Fundamental Baptist Church in Livingston, LA

Faith, now a blossomed woman with a kind spirit and a fervent devotion, has been a cherished companion of mine since childhood. Faith is a twin to Grace who is a sweetheart as well! Uria, a gentle soul, showcased his deep affection for the delightful Faith that we know and love through every gesture. It was as if they were made for each other.

groom cries as bride walks down the aisle livingston, Louisiana
bride sings to groom
bride and groom first kiss
bride and groom stand during wedding ceremony
A large family
bride and groom under veil going for a kiss
bride and groom kiss in a field at Fundamental Baptist Church in Livingston, Louisiana

Dear Uria and Faith,

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your day! We are so proud of you both and can't wait to see what God does in your lives. He has a special plan for both of you! <3 You are an amazing couple and we are excited for your future!

Love y'all!

AlesiaKim and Co.

bride and groom during bird seed exit in Livingston, LA


Venue - Fundamental Baptist Church

Photography - AlesiaKim and Co.

Day-of Coordinator - Connie Pruitt (AlesiaKim and Co.)

Bridesmaids Dress - David's Bridal

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