Carrington & Denae

When I first talked to Carrington and Denae, I knew their wedding was going to be unique. I could tell they were so in love and just were crazy about each other. They were both super happy people and told me they valued each other, family, and their faith. They both loved Star Wars and Carrington's proposal was Star Wars themed. I knew it was going to be different but also knew that it'd be so fun with these two!

wedding rings
wedding details
top of v neck neckline wedding dress with straps

Just days before their wedding, the weather was about 75 degrees and muggy. No one expected what happened on their wedding day. The day of the wedding, it was so cold! (Ok, us Louisianians are babies about the cold so it was FREEZING to us! lol) It was about 48 degrees when the ceremony started and the wind was blowing like crazy! Thankfully, Carrington and Denae both said, "It is what it is and we're excited to be getting married!" That was just the attitude everyone needed!

bride and bridesmaids pajama photo rust robes
bride hugging mom on wedding day with orange rose

Getting ready was a blast! Between the sweet exchanges among the bridesmaids and moms and the fun going on among the men, everyone was all smiles! The day was finally here and everyone was just excited to be a part of such a sweet couple's wedding day.

bride and her mom
mom helping bride put on shoes
groomsmen getting ready
groom hugs brother in law
groom and groomsmen getting ready

Friends and family gathered wrapped in blankets to watch their precious Carrington and Denae pledge their love and lives to God and each other.

bride with dress blowing in the wind
bride and bridesmaids
groom and brothers
groom and groomsmen
prayer with bride before ceremony
groom's reaction to the bride
bride walking with dad
bride and groom
groom laughs during ceremony
bride laughs during ceremony
bride and groom excited about being pronounced man and wife
bride and groom kiss down the aisle
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom laugh
bride and groom walk together
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom kiss
groom dips bride and kisses her

Denae is so sweet and has a kind heart. She always has a smile and loves deeply. Carrington is a kind soul. He's gentle and always strives to make people feel included. They're just perfect for each other. :-)

Hey you two!

Thank you so much for allowing me to serve you on such a special day! Y'all are just an absolute blast! I can't wait to watch you both grow in your love for each other and the Lord.

Love y'all!


Carrington and Denae's Vendors

Photographer - AlesiaKim and Co.

Hair Stylist - Claire O'Quin - Heavenly Hair Salon

Makeup - Artistry by Delilah

Bridal Gown - Gabrielle's: The Classic Bride Salon

Bridesmaids Dresses - Birdy Grey

DJ - Chad Pierce

Catering - Bacon and Fig Catering

Videographer - Lombas Film Co.

Cake - Cakes by Tiffany

Planner - Time to Shine Weddings & Events - Kristen Fusilier

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